Pediatric PT Services

parent holding child on a slide on an outdoor playground; photo credit: iStock

Pediatric Physical Therapy Services

You or your child can receive therapy services in the clinic or pool, or if needed, at home or in the community.

Our Team

Our physical therapy team consists of board-certified specialists in

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Guiding principles

As physical therapists, we believe that -


Outpatient PT services are available for: MMI accepts all forms of insurance. To make sure that insurance will pay for PT visits, we need the following:

At your first physical therapy visit you can expect

Questions about: An in-depth look at you or your child’s:

This information helps us set motor goals, plan PT treatment, and develop a home program to support your motor skills, safety and fitness.

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Our Clinic Spaces

Our clinic is a new, state of the art space designed to invite children, young adults and families in to explore, move and learn new movement possibilities. We have small play spaces for infants and toddlers that feel safe and ‘homey’ for little hands and feet; wide-open adventure spaces that create opportunities for running, climbing, riding and exploring a variety of movement experiences; and ‘in-between’ sized real and virtual spaces that offer flexibility for any size, movement ability or age of client.

Our PT team uses a variety of high and low tech equipment to support therapy services including:

Hours and Appointments