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What is a clinical perfusionist?

The Profession

Clinical perfusionists working

If you were a Clinical Perfusionist, your job would be to operate the life-sustaining equipment that keeps patients alive during major surgical procedures.

This includes running a complicated machine that works like a person’s heart and lungs. This keeps a person alive while their heart is stopped for open-heart surgery. The perfusionist also runs equipment that saves and cleans blood during operations.

A typical work week consists of a 40-hour schedule with additional on-call coverage for emergencies. Perfusionists may be called to work evenings and weekends. In most cases additional compensation in the range of 10-25 percent of base salary may be earned for "on-call time" and shift differentials.

Starting wage: $138,000
Middle-range wage: $175,000
Job after graduation from our Clinical Perfusion program: 100%

Clinical Perfusion students participate in a series of simulations each year during Simcation.

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