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What is a genetic counselor?

The Profession

genetic counseling session

If you were a genetic counselor, you would combine medical genetics and counseling to support individuals and families seeking information about how inherited diseases may impact their health. Genetic counselors work with patients to offer guidance in genetic testing as well as interpretation of results. These providers provide psychosocial support to patients who are navigating the complexities of genomic medicine and decision making.

Training in both genetics and psychosocial sciences allows genetic counselors to understand how patients make decisions. They can interpret and explain genetic test results in easy-to-understand terms.

Counselors also can help providers optimize genetic testing, as providers are increasingly recognizing that genetic testing is a key component of precision medicine.

Average starting wage: $77,602
Middle-range wage: Direct Patient Care $86,766 | Non-direct Patient Care $126,864 | Mixed Positions $103,497
Job after graduation from our UNMC Genetic Counseling program: 100%

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For more information, please check out the information for prospective students created by the Association of Genetic Counseling Program Directors.

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