University of Nebraska Medical Center

Health Services, Policy & Population Health

CHRI’s Health Services, Policy and Population Health area of emphasis (AOE) is dedicated to improving the health of children through innovative research that encompasses a broad scope of issues, including health services, social and behavioral science, community and population health and gaps in health and health care, epidemiology and policy. Our AOE employs four strategies for achieving these research aims.

  • Identifying factors that promote or inhibit health and understanding how those differ between groups 
  • Establishing new evidence by testing and identifying effective interventions (wide range of interventions possible, including educating providers, clinical trials, community intervention, behavioral and policy)
  • Encouraging system integration to implement interventions in medicine, public health, and policy
  • Educating the community, providers, and policy makers through sharing our research and advocating for health in policy

If you are a CHRI member and would like to join the Health Services, Policy and Population Health area of emphasis, please email chri@unmc.edu.


Eleanor Gradidge, MD

Assistant Professor, Division of Critical Care, Department of Pediatrics

Eleanor Gradidge
Aleisha Nabower, MD

Associate Professor, Division of Hospital Medicine, Department of Pediatrics

Aleisha Nabower