University of Nebraska Medical Center

Pediatric Research Office

The Pediatric Research Office provides infrastructure support to child health researchers at UNMC and Children's Hospital & Medical Center who are members of the institute, providing the latest in treatment options for pediatric patients while adhering to the highest ethical standards in research.

Projects reflect a diversity of work for the National Institutes of Health, pharmaceutical sponsors, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and investigator-initiated research. Other projects are ongoing in the areas of child health policy, hematology and oncology, pulmonology, endocrinology and metabolism.

Our office offers a variety of clinical research support services, ranging from single consultations to full participation at every step of the research process.

Research support for members may include:

  • Study planning consultation
  • Regulatory consultation
  • Regulatory documentation
  • Initial IRB application
  • All IRB submissions
  • Study coordination
  • Subject recruitment
  • Subject visits & assessments
  • Database development
  • Data & source management
  • Data entry
  • Budget
  • Contract
  • Matrix development
  • Matrix maintenance

About the PRO

Learn more about the CHRI Team and our clinical research support.