University of Nebraska Medical Center

Community Engagement

The Child Health Research Institute and the UNMC Department of Pediatrics partner with local organizations that support the needs of children.

Our Community Engagement committee works directly with each organization to understand their needs and to strategize efforts to provide support. Our members engage with our partner organizations through their financial generosity and by donating their time and talents. In 2023, our committee engaged with 760 kids and parents through eight events and programs involving 65 faculty, staff and volunteers. We additionally conducted three donation drives. Click here to read our 2023 annual report detailing all of our community involvement.  

Children at science booth in Halloween costumes talking to man
kids being taught how to use lab equipment
two kids and doctor intubating hospital dummy
people posing in foot kitchen
kids attending table about cardiology technology

Being active, positive civic members builds trust and connection with our neighbors in our community. Our primary community partners are

  • Completely KIDS
  • Girls Inc.
  • NorthStar

KIDS Nebraska

KIDS Nebraska is an advisory group created for kids, adolescents and teens who are focused on understanding, communicating and improving medicine, research and innovation for all children. KIDS stands for “Kids and Families Impacting Disease through Science,” a global consortium of children’s advisory groups. It operates within the International Children’s Advisory Network, Inc. (iCAN).