4th Annual Elevating the Conversation: The Ecology of Well-being in the Health Professions


Our Well-being Purpose as Professionals & The Challenges and Opportunities of Maintaining a Healthy Work System
Nancy Nankivil, Director of Professional Satisfaction and Practice Sustainability, American Medical Association

Redesigning Work Load and Work Flow for Effective Teams
Joseph Allen, PhD, Associate Professor, Department of Psychology, UNO

Advancing Solutions to Increase Joy in Medicine
Joseph Allen

What Does Research Tell Us About Fun at Work?
Lynn Harland, PhD, Associate Dean and Professor, College of Business Administration, Marketing and Management, UNO

Lightning Rounds: Wellness Champions in our Midst**
Charity Evans, MD; Jenn Harsh, PhD; Sarah Richards, MD; Matthew Rizzo, MD; Rebecca Wysoske, MD

Lightning Rounds: Medical Humanities as a Well-being Strategy**
Laura Alexander, PhD; Timi Lynne Barone, PhD; Adrian Duran, PhD; Mary Perkinson, DMA; Roma Subramanian, PhD