Food activities must comply with the guidelines established by the Nebraska Department of Health.
The Truhlsen Campus Events Center maintains a list of preferred caterers and two beverage caterers. If the client chooses to use an "outside" caterer i.e. not one of the Events Centers approved/preferred, there is a buy-out fee of $300. All non-approved caterers must provide a certificate of insurance prior to the event. 

Catering staff will assist in planning receptions, meals and breaks. All billings for catering services are handled by the caterer directly. Menus and catering policies are available from the caterer or the Events Center Coordinator. Please consult with catering event planners prior to booking the event. There may be some minimum catering requirements that apply.

A small catering kitchen is available. The Events Center does not provide linens, dinnerware, kitchen utensils and service ware. They must be supplied by the caterer or outside preferred vendor.

Cooking food in any space other than the kitchen is not permitted. All sterno, electric warmers, and steamers that are not contained within the kitchen area are subject to approval of the Events Center Coordinator and must not be excessive. Use of propane, natural gas or butane is prohibited. Caterers who do not comply with guidelines for the safe operation of equipment or kitchen clean-up will lose the privilege of catering events at the Events Center. Any damage to areas as a result of catering services is the sole responsibility of, and will be charged to, the Client.

All linens, glassware, dishes and flatware should be removed from all tables and bars and placed in the kitchen for the rental company to pick up. All garbage must be removed to the dumpster by the loading dock located on the southeast corner of the Sorrell building following the event. If the caterer does not do this, it is the responsibility of the Client.

The kitchen is included in the final walk-through following the event. Complete clean-up of all areas and equipment is required.

Alcoholic Beverages

No alcoholic beverages may be served on the UNMC campus without the prior approval and specific authorization from the Vice Chancellor for Business and Finance in the accordance with UNMC Policy No. 6012, Serving Alcoholic Beverages; see policy summary below. The following requirements apply:

Serving alcohol will comply with the laws of the State of Nebraska and Douglas County.  A "Request to Serve Alcoholic Beverages"  form will be completed for you by the Campus Events Center Coordinator.  The request must then be approved by the UNMC Vice Chancellor for Business and Finance.  An approved copy of the “Request to Serve Alcoholic Beverages” form must be on file before the date of the event. 

Designated hours for dispensing alcohol in the Events Center will be:

All alcohol must be provided and served by a licensed professional caterer using bartenders provided by the caterer, see preferred caterer list. The Campus Events Center Coordinator reserves the right of final approval of the caterers elected for the event.

Alcohol service is restricted to the Events Center, Foyer and Linder Reading Room within the building and may not be taken outside the building, into the restrooms, classrooms, hallways or any other area of the building.

At the discretion of the Campus Events Center Coordinator, Campus Security or catering employees, alcohol services may be discontinued for any individual or group.

No person under the age of 21 will be allowed to consume alcohol. All guests are required to have valid identification at events where alcohol is served. Proper identification will be requested of any person appearing to be under the legal drinking age of 21. The Client is responsible for restricting minors from alcohol consumption.

Food service is required for all events where alcohol is served, and non-alcoholic beverages must also be provided.

All bar and alcohol services will be discontinued 30 minutes prior to the scheduled end of all events.

Red wine is permitted. 

Keg beer is permitted as long as it is served behind the bar and by a bartender provided by the caterer.

Storage of alcoholic beverages on campus is not allowed, unless specifically approved by the Chancellor or designee.

Cash bars are prohibited unless specifically approved by the Chancellor.