University of Nebraska Medical Center

Metastatic Breast Cancer Treatment Decisions Study

How Do You Make Your Metastatic Breast Cancer Treatment Decisions?

Your story will help develop a decision-making app for women with metastatic breast cancer

  • Metastatic breast cancer treatment decision-making is very challenging.
  • We seek women who have made metastatic breast cancer treatment decisions for a research study.
  • We also seek their relative/friend who provides substantial support, if possible.
  • Participants will be asked to tell us about the metastatic breast cancer treatment decision-making experience.
  • Research study participants will each receive compensation for participation.
  • Interviews are confidential and will not affect your care.
Who is a candidate for this research study?
  • Women 19 years of age or older diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer.
  • Relative/friend of the diagnosed woman who provides care.
Participant responsibilities:
  • One to two hour in-person, Zoom or telephone interview.
  • Women and their caregiver may interview separately or together.