University of Nebraska Medical Center

BEST-ICU Clinical Trial

Nurse in ICU

This intensive care unit is participating in a national research study called the BEST-ICU. The study is a clinical trail sponsored by the National Institute of Health. Our ICU is working with many other ICUs across the country in this important study.

The Nebraska Medical Center is participating in a national research study called BEST-ICU. This study is being sponsored by the National Institutes of Health and involves patients cared for in the intensive care unit (ICU). There are many other ICUs throughout the country involved in this same clinical trial.


Why we are doing the study:

  • Sometimes patients who require care in the ICU have long lasting health concerns. There is a set of evidence-based practices used in the ICU that can help patients recover. These practices are known as the ABCDEF bundle.
  • While we know the ABCDEF bundle helps improve patient outcomes, it is often difficult to deliver in everyday ICU practice.
  • The purpose of this study is to evaluate two different ways of helping ICU providers increase ABCDEF bundle delivery to critically ill patients.


Things we might do differently during this program:

  • This study will use one of two ways to help your ICU team reach their goal of delivering the ABCDEF bundle. The ICU will either receive a:
  • Unit Dashboard - A video screen on the unit that will remind hospital teams when they need to do something for a patient.
  • Nurse Facilitator - A special nurse who will work with the ICU team to help with tasks like getting patients moving, monitoring their progress and setting goals.
  • Depending on what time and ICU you are in will determine which strategy the ICU you are in receives.
  • All patients will continue to get care as usual as ordered by the ICU providers.

What does this mean for patients in the ICU:

  • Researchers will be collecting some information about care processes and patients in the ICU, but they will make sure that the information is kept private and safe.
  • To protect your confidentiality, the information sent to the University of Nebraska will be identified by a scrambled code. No patients will be able to be identified by name in the study records.