University of Nebraska Medical Center

Do juSTIce

Students conduct STI tests for inmates at the county jail.

Do juSTIce, the STI Screening and Education Project at the Douglas County Jail, provides health professions students in Omaha a truly unique opportunity to take the knowledge learned in the classroom and implement it in the community in a valuable and meaningful way.

With Omaha currently working through what the county health department has deemed an "STI epidemic," you will provide an important public health service in educating, screening and treating a traditionally high-risk population for sexually transmitted infections. Additionally, you will learn age-appropriate and context-appropriate ways to discuss STI prevention with persons aged 10-70.

Opportunities to Get Involved

  • Conduct voluntary gonorrhea and chlamydia tests for inmates.
  • Develop education materials to educate the inmates on STI signs and symptoms, prevention, detection and treatment, and possible complications if STIs go untreated.
  • Engage in leadership roles, academic presentations and research projects.

Do juSTIce Partners

UNMC collaborates with the following partners:

  • Douglas County Department of Corrections
  • Douglas County Youth Corrections
  • Omaha Home of Boys
  • Community Alliance
  • Correct Care Solutions
  • Nebraska Department of Health & Human Services
  • Douglas County Health Department
  • Nebraska Public Health Lab

To learn more or find out how you can participate, please contact us.

“This program gives UNMC students a chance to educate individuals, impact prevalence of disease, and make a community healthier. Because of our services, we were able to impact the education and STI status of multiple inmates, thusly improving the morbidity for the Douglas County community.”

Claire Baweja poses for a headshot

Claire Baweja

DNP student and Do juSTIce member