Available Technology

The CSR has several state-of-the-art shared technologies available to their graduate students, postdoctoral researchers and staff to conduct analyses for their research projects.

LMD 6000 Multi-user Laser Microdissection System
Provides the ability to isolate and enrich biological material and cell populations in the µm size range.

IVIS 200 (In vivo Imaging Systems)
A sensitive, non-invasive technique for the real-time monitoring of bacterial infections and mammalian gene expression.

BioFlux System
Allows for the simultaneous growth and microscopic analysis of multiple biofilms.

Zeiss LSM510 META Confocal Microscope
Provides three-dimensional visualization of microscopic structure.

Anaerobic Chamber from Coy Laboratory Products
Maintains a strict anaerobic and temperature-controlled atmosphere.

LightCycler 480 real-time PCR System from Roche Applied Science
Permits rapid, sensitive, and accurate measurements of gene expression.