University of Nebraska Medical Center

Level 3 Exhibits

Level 3 exhibits

UNMC’s Growth and Global Impact Interactive Screens

Since 1881, innovation and excellence have been two of UNMC’s cornerstone values. This interactive screen allows users to explore a timeline of the university’s many achievements, read profiles of its distinguished education, research, and scientific award winners, and see the latest updates on UNMC’s impact on research and healthcare around the world.

This content is also available on the Wigton Heritage Center, Level 4.

Profiles of UNMC’s Colleges and Institutes and their Buildings

UNMC History Gallery Given by the Faculty and Staff of the UNMC College of Medicine

Dedicated to the history of all the colleges and institutes that make up UNMC, seven panels along the Level 3 corridor of Wittson Hall showcase histories of some of the colleges and institutes within the university.