University of Nebraska Medical Center

Emeriti Faculty

The following faculty were honored with emeritus status in the College of Allied Health Professions:

  • Reba Benschoter, PhD, Professor Emeritus (deceased)
  • Carol Dworak, MA, Assistant Professor Emeritus Nuclear Medicine Technology
  • Jesse Edwards, MS, Associate Professor Emeritus Physician Assistant (deceased)
  • Mary Haven, MS, Professor Emeritus and retired Associate Dean of the School of Allied Health Professions
  • M. Patricia Leuschen, PhD, Professor Emeritus and retired Assistant Dean for Research Development
  • Phyllis Muellenberg, Professor Emeritus and retired Program Director of Medical Laboratory Science
  • William Padgett, Assistant Professor Emeritus Pathology/Microbiology (deceased)
  • Claire Parker, PhD, Assistant Professor Emeritus Physician Assistant (deceased)
  • James Temme, MPA, RT(R)(QM), Associate Professor Emeritus, recipient of the first endowed Chair in the CAHP - the Charles R. O'Malley Endowed Chair in Radiation Science Technology Education
  • Gregory M. Karst, PhD, PT, Professor Emeritus and retired Executive Associate Dean
  • Janice Tompkins, MPH, MT(ASCP), Assistant Professor Emeritus and retired Assistant Dean for Diversity & Inclusion
  • Joseph Norman, PT, PhD, CCS, FAACVPR, Professor Emeritus Physical Therapy