About Us

The mission of the UNMC Alumni Association is to engage alumni and support UNMC.

The vision is informed, inspired and invested alumni and friends.

Core Values:

Strategic Goals:

  1. Prepare students and new alumni to be engaged.
    Purposefully build the next generation of alumni leaders and volunteers in support of institutional success.

  2. Engage alumni with UNMC and each other.
    Deploy meaningful engagement, customized communication and valued volunteer opportunities.

  3. Impact institutional priorities.
    Advance the mission and success of the University through intentional programmatic alignment.

  4. Empower alumni partners to achieve measurable outcomes
    The association will serve as a valued resource for UNMC, empowering alumni councils to achieve metrics based outcomes.

UNMC’s greatest resource has always been its students — learning from each other to advance the art and science of health care.

As a UNMC graduate, you are a member of an amazing worldwide network of more than 44,000 health care professionals who continue to learn from each other. Your alumni association serves as a point of reference for you, to help facilitate the connection of lifelong learning, friendships, and loyalty to UNMC. In 2010, the individual alumni associations affiliated with UNMC formed a new 501c3 organization under the name UNMC Alumni Association. 

In 2015, the UNMC Alumni Association Board of Directors voted to usher in a “New Era of Engagement.” In an effort to reach and connect with more alumni of UNMC, we offer automatic Alumni Association membership to all graduates and are focusing on deeper collaborations between alumni and campus leaders.

The membership dues program has concluded and we honor all existing memberships. We extend special recognition and thanks to our lifetime members.

In partnership with the University of Nebraska Foundation and the colleges, we are actively leading an annual giving program to promote academic excellence and innovation in each college and support the people and programs of your UNMC Alumni Association. 

This transition and opportunity propels us into a national movement to reinvent the vital work of alumni associations, one proven and underway at other major institutions such as The Ohio State University, the University of Illinois and others. Given the outstanding tradition of support and service of UNMC alumni, we expect to be just as successful.

The Alumni Association and each college's Alumni Council are focusing on serving and engaging graduates, disseminating effective communications, forming meaningful connections between alumni and students, and facilitating opportunities for alumni to invest in their UNMC passions. 

We ask for your continued support in the form of time, talent, and treasure. As we value our fellow alumni who came before us and made our University stronger, we now have an important opportunity to make a real difference for the next generation of proud health sciences students at UNMC.

If you have any questions about this exciting new model for alumni engagement, please email us.  Thank you for your ongoing support and advancing the University of Nebraska Medical Center.