Events Recap

"Optimizing your Energies for Work-Life Imbalance" with Jerry Walker, PhD - Jan. 25, 2022

"Taking Control of Your Finances" with Tiffany Sturm - Jan. 25, 2022

"Unwrapping Your Leadership Presence" with Christine Mixan - Dec. 16, 2021

Unwrapping Your Leadership Presence PowerPoint slides

Finding Your Fit: Online Q&A - Sept. 21, 2021


Community Engagement Series - CASA Nebraska

CASA Nebraska PowerPoint Slides

"Stress Management for Busy Professionals" with Dr. Steven Wengel

Community Engagement Series - Open Door Mission

 "The Art of Failing Forward" with Dr. Sasha Shillcutt


"Igniting Your Professional Development" with Kevin Mitchell

Professional Development Plan

Community Engagement Series - Smart GEN Society 

"Ditch the Drama" with Cy Wakeman 

"Facilitating personal growth" with Dr. Martha Dawson