Tracking Infant Progress Statewide (TIPS) NICU Follow Up

Developmental TIPS

Developmental pediatricians follow babies born prematurely through a unique program that identifies delays in development.  Through the follow-up program, Developmental TIPS (Tracking Infants Progress Statewide), thousands of children have been assessed for neurodevelopmental disability. The children are assessed through various screening tools, depending on factors including the extent of their prematurity, complexity of their medical history, and the results of preliminary hearing and vision screenings. The children are screened up until age 3.

“Developmental TIPS is the largest standardized follow-up developmental program of its kind in the country,” Dr. Needelman said.

“It ensures that each child is assessed by a team with expertise in early childhood development, which in turn provides the children with the best opportunity for success, especially if early intervention is necessary.” Clinics are held at Munroe Meyer Diagnostic Clinic, Methodist Women’s Hospital and Children’s Nebraska.

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