Day Treatment Program

Pediatric Feeding Day Treatment Program

stock photo of hand holding a spoon full of pureed food, stretched towards a child's mouth; credit: Canva

Munroe-Meyer Institute's Day Treatment Program provides early intervention for children who experience feeding problems.

The Focus of Our Day Treatment Program is

For more information about the Day Program, see the FAQs below.

Who will pay for services?  

Our admission specialist will help you figure out your benefits and preauthorize the service with your insurance company. 

Who will work with my child every day?  

Your child’s team will include a licensed psychologist(s) or board certified behavior analyst(s) and trained feeding therapists. Each feeding therapist is qualified to be or is credentialed as a registered behavior therapist, a clinical therapy assistant or both.

What does my child do during the day?  

Your child will have multiple meals throughout the day. Your child might play, nap, or work on other skills or behavior between meals, depending on the child’s needs.

How will you get my child to eat?  

We individualize treatment, but generally:

  • encourage appropriate eating and drinking behavior;
  • discourage refusal behavior; and
  • make eating easy and fun.
What happens after the day-treatment program?  

The child continues follow-up services in our outpatient or SEEDS program. The goal of follow-up services is to progress your child to age-typical feeding, which takes about two to three years, depending on your cooperation and your child’s oral-motor skills.

How successful is the day-treatment program?  

100 percent of patients meet at least 90 percent of their goals.

Success improves when caregivers are involved and follow the protocols.