Outpatient Program

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Interdisciplinary Outpatient Clinic

The Outpatient Program offers comprehensive assessment and treatment for children with pediatric feeding disorder through weekly appointments with one or multiple providers depending on your child’s needs.

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How long are outpatient visits?  

The Outpatient Program offers 45-60 minute appointments once per week and is available for caregivers and children who are unable to attend the more intensive treatment programs.

Who will be involved in my child’s care?  

Patients in this program are treated by a psychologist or behavior analyst, a speech-language pathologist, or both, depending on the child’s needs. When both a psychologist and speech-language pathologist are involved in the child’s care, they work jointly with parents and children as a team in every appointment.

What will happen at each visit?  

In the Outpatient Program, providers first work directly with children to make progress toward their treatment goals. Providers then teach parents how to conduct the treatment and ask parents to work with the child at home during the week. The next appointment will typically start with a discussion of what went well and what maybe did not go so well to determine the next best steps.

What does progress look like in the Outpatient Program?  

Children make great progress in the Outpatient Program, although the pace is slower than the more intensive programs because most of the treatment is done at home, and families have very busy lives. If parents or providers feel that more intensive treatment or a larger interdisciplinary team might be needed to get a burst of progress or a patient over the finish line, children may always transfer temporarily to the Day Treatment Program before returning to their original providers in the Outpatient Program.

Does insurance cover the cost of the Outpatient Program?  
Our clinic coordinator is happy to work with you and your insurance company regarding insurance coverage for outpatient services.