Pediatric Feeding Disorder Evaluation Clinics

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Pediatric Feeding Disorder Evaluation Clinics

A clinical evaluation will help us know where your child should start.

How long are evaluations?

Evaluations typically take 45-90 minutes, and the appointments start very close to their scheduled start time. The whole team will meet with you at the same time, so there is typically no waiting for the next interdisciplinary provider to arrive.

Who will be involved in the evaluation?

This depends on which treatment program appears to be the right fit for your child and family.

What will happen during the evaluation?

We will review your child’s medical records and any questionnaires that you filled out prior to the evaluation. During the evaluation, we will ask you follow-up questions and watch your child eat and drink. If a speech-language pathologist or gastroenterologist is present, they may perform some physical exams, such as looking in your child’s mouth or feeling your child’s abdomen.

If we live very far away from MMI, do we need to travel for the evaluation?

We are often able to complete the evaluation through telehealth, and most insurance companies now cover telehealth services. This is usually a good option for families who live in rural Nebraska.

If you live in a state other than Nebraska, we may still be able to do the evaluation by telehealth. Whether this is possible depends on which state you are in during the appointment. Many states now allow psychologists and speech-language pathologists to practice telehealth without getting a license in that state. We are also happy to coordinate the evaluation with one of your child’s appointments in Nebraska Medicine’s Intestinal Rehabilitation Program, if your child is a patient there.

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