Pediatric Feeding Disorders Evaluation Clinic

Pediatric Feeding Disorders Evaluations

A clinic evaluation will help us know if your child is appropriate for one of our programs.

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Scheduling Note: We cannot schedule an appointment until you send a completed screening form (link below) and the requested records. After we receive this paperwork, a team member will contact you to schedule an evaluation appointment.

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For more information about the evaluation process, see the FAQs below.

Who will pay for the evaluation?  

Our admission specialist will help you figure out your benefits and whether your insurance will pay for the evaluation.

Who will be present during the evaluation?  

A licensed psychologist or board certified behavior analyst and trained feeding therapist(s) will be present. On some days, the evaluation may include a dietitian, a gastroenterologist, a speech or occupational therapist or a combination of these professionals.

What happens during the appointment?  

We will ask you to complete a questionnaire and to send us the completed questionnaire and your child’s medical records before we schedule the appointment. We will review the questionnaire and the medical records before the evaluation and ask you follow-up questions during the evaluation. We also will watch you and your child during different mealtime situations to get a better idea of what happens at meals.

The program provides services to children from birth to age 12. The evaluation team considers children over the age of 12 on a case-by-case basis.