Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD)

toddler boy holding cards with colored shapes, looking directly at the camera, smiling; credit: Shutterstock

What is an autism spectrum disorder?

An ASD is a developmental disorder characterized by deficits in multiple developmental areas, including social interaction, communication, and restricted interests. ASDs can range from mild to moderate to severe.  Although some children only may struggle with social skills, others may have more significant deficits and may engage in aggressive or disruptive behavior.

What are the symptoms of autism spectrum disorder?

Munroe-Meyer Institute (MMI) professionals have the expertise to asses and treat the symptoms of ASD. Symptoms vary but may include:

Because no two children with ASD are alike, individualized treatment is vital and can focus on one or all of the aspects of ASD, depending on the child’s needs.

How is autism diagnosed?

An initial assessment and evaluation involves skilled professionals from one or more departments within the MMI and includes a clinical interview and observation, as well as obtaining pertinent information from the family (e.g., histories of medical, behavioral health, academic, and intellectual and/or developmental disability). Following the evaluation, caregivers can expect a discussion of the professional’s clinical impression and recommendations for care. Caregivers can expect a written report in the weeks following their child’s initial evaluation.

What are the treatment options?

Treatment can focus on one or all of the aspects of autism, depending on the child’s needs. MMI is committed to family-centered care. In partnership with families, our professionals strive to assure success in establishing and maintaining treatment at home, in the classroom and in the community. They also provide assistance in identifying services and resources for the whole family, including respite opportunities. Our resources include:

Caring for children with autism is more than just a job to our staff. Our team of experts are committed to unlocking the full potential of each child.