University of Nebraska Medical Center

Tuition & Fees

Official tuition rates and costs are subject to change annually. Official tuition figures for the next academic year are available in July of every year.

Estimated Yearly Costs

The cost of attendance is the estimated cost of completing an academic year and/or a semester as a full time student and includes tuition, fees, books/equipment, course/loan fees, living expenses and other required costs as approved by your program. These estimates are conservative by design and in no way attempt to reflect differences in actual costs incurred by students with differing lifestyle choices. Living expense estimates are based on academic periods of enrollment; summer living expenses are not funded unless you are required to be enrolled.

Fees & Miscellaneous Costs

Course Fee
Supports course related expenses such as academic success personnel, clinical placement coordination, student project and other learning supplies, graduate teaching assistants, classroom telecommunications and learning/educational software.
Lab Fee
Supports expenses related to skills/simulation labs, such as equipment and supplies, linen, payments to standardized patients, clinical lab practicum, telecommunications and specialized personnel.
Distributive Learning Fee
Supports expenses related to distance education such as providing, repairing, replacing and upgrading equipment; expenses and equipment to support learning in virtual reality environment; instructional technology services; and specialized personnel and services to support distributive learning.
Online Course Fee (RN-BSN Students Only)
Supports expenses related to instructional design and support including personnel, faculty development and training, course development, learner orientation, communication expenses and providing, upgrading, replacing and repairing equipment that supports online learning environment.
Technology Fee
Supports expenses related to classroom, testing center and learning technology, such as repair/replace/upgrade classroom equipment, replace/repair/upgrade clinical equipment and specialized personnel to support instructional technology deployment, training and use.
Supports testing software, equipment, supplies, salaries of specialized personnel and NCLEX review sessions.