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Health Equity: Emphasis on Rural & Underserved Populations

From virtual and place-based interventions, UNMC College of Nursing researchers are examining and developing community-informed ways to support rural and other underserved populations more effectively. We leverage our unique statewide span across five campuses to engage rural and urban communities in this aim.

Active Health Equity Projects

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Geographic/Racial Disparities of Kidney Disease

The goal of this NIH-sponsored project is to develop a mortality risk score for persons with end-stage kidney disease based on social determinants of health at the local level where the patient lives. This will provide healthcare clinicians with specific social determinants to act upon to reduce the risk of death from end-stage kidney disease. (Varilek)

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Protective Assets Reinforced with Integrated care and TechnologY, (PARITY) is a project to address maternal morbidity and mortality and the impact of deficit-focused health care models on maternal health by leveraging the protective assets of Black communities and individuals, use of integrated supportive care, and a wellness-based mobile technology intervention to reduce maternal morbidity, mortality, and cesarean birth and improve wellness-related behavioral outcomes. The goal is to offer pragmatic, community-centered solutions to maternal health disparities that build upon the inherent strengths of Black individuals and Black communities. (Mollard)

Providers caring for mother/baby

Community Maternal Wellness Program Study

This project is assessing the Malone Maternal Wellness program's impact on maternal health outcomes in Black, Indigenous and Person of Color (BIPOC) individuals in Nebraska by comparing 75 previous program participants with 75 matched controls. The team will analyze medical records, looking at both pregnancy outcomes and overall health outcomes, up to three years postpartum, as well as conduct in-depth interviews with past participants to understand the program's influence on maternal experience and health outcomes. (Mollard)


Want to Beat Breast Cancer Disparities?

Women of color, and women who live in communities that lack resources, die more often from breast cancer than other women. (Lally)

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Community-Based Solutions to Health Inequities

This project, sponsored by United HealthCare Services, will engage with culturally representative North and South Omaha community members to understand root causes of barriers to care and inform innovative solutions to reducing health disparities in underserved populations and create practice and clinical opportunities for students and faculty of the UNMC College of Nursing through the establishment of partnerships with North and South Omaha Churches, Organizations and Business. (Darby)

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Immigrant Cattle Feedyard Worker Study

This NIOSH-sponsored project seeks to better understand Latino immigrant cattle feedyard worker health and safety concerns and to develop, evaluate and disseminate culturally appropriate health and safety information for cattle feedlot workers. (Rowland)

Dr. Sheri Rowland

CVD Risk in Latino Migrant Farmworkers

This project seeks to better understand the chronic cardiovascular health conditions affecting Latino migrant farmworkers in Nebraska. (Rowland)