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Fall Risk Assessment Tools

  • Sensitivity, Specificity, and Predictive Value: The Fall Risk Assessment  Performance Tool Worksheet created by the UNMC CAPTURE Falls Team can help you understand concepts about predictive validity of tools and guide you through calculations of these values for a fall risk assessment tool using data from your own patients.
  • Example Fall Risk Assessment Tools: We do not endorse the use of any one fall risk assessment tool over another. Some fall risk assessment tools require permission for their use, including the two fall risk assessment tools listed below.
    • Falls Risk Assessment Scoring Systems tool* FRASS document
      * The CAPTURE Falls team acknowledges Alfred Health, Victoria, Australia for sharing the FRASS. The FRASS was originally developed by Suzanne Mac Avoy, Teresa Skinner & Maria Hines. Alfred Health has given permission for the hospitals actively engaged in the CAPTURE Falls project to use the FRASS. Other interested facilities should contact: Lee Hughes, Harm Free Clinical Consultant, Caulfield Hospital, 260 Kooyong Road Caulfield, Victoria 3162 Australia | Email
    • The Johns Hopkins Fall Risk Assessment Tool**
      ** Permission is needed to use the Johns Hopkins tool. Facilities interested in using the Johns Hopkins Fall Risk Assessment Tool should contact:
      Stephanie S. Poe, MScN, RN, Clinical Quality, Department of Nursing, The Johns Hopkins Hospital, Administration 220, Baltimore, MD 21287 | Email

      or consult these references:
      Poe, SS; Cvach, MM; Gartrell, DG; Radzik, BR; Joy, TL. "An Evidence-based Approach to Fall Risk Assessment, Prevention, and Management Lessons Learned." J Nurs Care Qual. 2005; 20(2): 107–116.
      Poe, SS; Cvach, M; Dawson, PB; Straus, H; Hill, EE. "The Johns Hopkins Fall Risk Assessment Tool Postimplementation Evaluation." J Nurs Care Qual. 2007; 22(4): 293–298.
  • Screening Transfers and Gait for Fall Risk: The Visual Screening of Transfers and Gait for Fall Risk Worksheet created by the UNMC CAPTURE Falls team can be used as an education tool for non-rehab staff about movement deviations that may signify lower extremity weakness and balance impairments commonly seen in patients at risk for falls. It can also be used as a checklist for assessment and documentation of these movement deviations. The presence of these deviations may indicate a need for physical therapy referral.
  • Study of Osteoporotic Fracture Criteria for Frailty: The SOF Criteria for Frailty provides an objective and quick way to screen for frailty, a geriatric syndrome closely related to fall risk.
Fall Risk Assessment Education