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  • Linking Interventions to Risk Factors: The Getting Back to Basics: Linking Bedside Interventions to Patient Risk Factors document created by the UNMC CAPTURE Falls team lists potential interventions for various fall risk factors.
  • Choosing Fall Prevention Practices: Section 3 Which fall prevention practices do you want to use? in the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality Fall Prevention Toolkit provides information on how to apply universal fall prevention interventions (Section 3.2) and how to use identified risk factors for fall prevention care planning (Section 3.4).
  • Preventing Falls in Hospitalized Patients: State of the Science: A review article published in 2019 in Clinics of Geriatric Medicine describes the challenges in conducting well-designed research on hospital fall-risk-reduction interventions and summarizes some of the current evidence for common interventions.
  • Interventions for Preventing Falls in Older People in Care Facilities and Hospitals: A systematic review published in 2018 in the Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews summarizes research evidence about the effects of interventions for preventing falls. Pages 52-54 in this document provide a concise summary of the main findings for various interventions. It is worth noting that uncertainty exists regarding the effects of various interventions, particularly when studied as single interventions. This is in part due to the challenges of conducting rigorous research on a multifactorial problem in a complex environment.
  • Interventions to reduce falls in hospitals: a systematic review and meta-analysis. A systematic review and meta-analysis published in 2022 in Age and Ageing summarizes research evidence about a variety of fall prevention interventions on fall rates and risk of falling in the hospital. Patient and staff education, as well as multifactorial interventions, were found to have favorable effects on reducing hospital falls.

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