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The first six are for prospective students and/or advisors, and the last four are for current or graduating students.

MLS Shadow Saturday  
MLS Shadow Saturday is intended for individuals interested in learning about the Medical Laboratory Scientist/Medical Technologist profession and/or UNMC’s Medical Laboratory Science program. More info>>
Position Yourself for Greatness (Imaging Science post-primary)  
Get an "inside look" at the medical imaging & therapeutic sciences post-primary programs at UNMC. More info>>
Backstage Pass for prospective students & advisors  
The College of Allied Health Professions hosts prospective students, parents and advisors for a day of information and exploration. Faculty members present on their profession and how UNMC College of Allied Health can help students reach their career goals. Current CAHP students give tours of UNMC and offer an insider view of what it is like to be a student in the College of Allied Health Professions. More info>>
Admissions Workshop for those ready to apply  
Ready to apply to one of the programs in the College of Allied Health Professions? This summer workshop offers all you need to know. More info>>
Job Shadowing  

Not sure which program is for you? Want to see a day-in-the-life of one of the professions? Read more>>

Advisor's Workshop  
Information for advisors to help guide students with an interest in our programs. Email us to get on our mailing list!
New Student Orientation  
The purpose of Orientation is to provide you with a clear introduction to life at UNMC’s College of Allied Health Professions. The central focus is to facilitate your transition into professional education within the context of the College of Allied Health Professions and your particular department. New students will also participate in our online orientation program, which contains all pre-enrollment requirements to complete such as: background check, immunizations, surveys, program specific forms, registration instructions, and course lists.
Professionalism Ceremony for Current Students  
The Professionalism Ceremony is a rite of passage for students in the College of Allied Health Professions to begin their professional program or clinical encounters with patients. The ceremony focuses on professionalism, encompassing the concepts of ethical behavior, compassionate care, and service to others. More info>>
Forum on Evidence-Based Medicine & Awards Ceremony  
Each spring the College of Allied Health Professions sponsors a forum. This interprofessional event is intended as an opportunity for students and faculty in all eleven CAHP programs to share scholarly activity that supports evidence-based clinical practice. In conjunction with the forum, we honor faculty award recipients for Excellence in Research, Excellence in Teaching, and Outstanding Service to the Allied Health Professions. More info>>
Convocation/Commencement for graduating students  
Convocation is a celebration of the successful completion of a professional program in UNMC's College of Allied Health Professions. Commencement is the actual graduation ceremony, usually held the following day. More info>>