Financial Information

Starting Date:
Classes begin in the fall semester. Two days of new student orientation are held prior to the beginning of classes.

Tuition and fees are set by the University Board of Regents and may be changed at any time. The current tuition and fee rates are available from the Registrar's Office, College of Dentistry . The following quotations are offered as guidelines only. More information is available in the Student Bulletin.

Current Academic Year Tuition & Fees

Residency Information:

For more information, click here: Nebraska Residency Requirements

Tuition Refunds
A student who withdraws from the University during a term for which he/she is registered is entitled to claim a refund of tuition. The University's current policy for a refund of tuition is:

First week 100%
Second week 75%
Third week 50%
Fourth week 25%
Fifth week None

Scholarships and Financial Aid
Judith Walker, Director
Room 2051, Student Life Center
(402) 559-4199