About the Faculty

UNMC College of Dentistry faculty are recognized nationally for providing outstanding classroom and clinical education and cutting edge research that results in talented practitioners who deliver the highest quality of oral health services to patients throughout the region and beyond. Faculty are arranged by department and alphabetically by last name.

Adult Restorative Dentistry

Oral Biology

General dentistry, biomaterials, operative dentistry, prosthodontics, temporomandibular disorders
Julie A. Marshall, Interim Department Chair
Biomedical sciences, behavioral sciences, practice management, radiology, oral pathology, biomonitoring, public health
David H. Shaw, Department Chair
Yoshiharu Ameku | General dentistry
Ronald Attanasio | Prosthodontics, TMD
Mark W. Beatty | Dental materials, biomaterials
Gerard Byrne | Prosthodontics, implant dentistry
Mary Lynn Froeschle | Clinical diagnosis
Paul A. Hansen | Prosthodontics, implant dentistry
James F. Jenkins | Faculty practice
William W. Johnson | Biomaterials
Jennifer K. Kallio | Priority care
Julie A. Marshall | Prosthodontics, implant dentistry
Myhanh T. Phan-Rinne | General dentistry
Myron L. Pudwill | Prosthodontics, implant dentistry
John W. Reinhardt | Operative
Henry A. St. Germain, Jr. | Operative
Ernest W. Sigler | Geriatric, special patient care
Joan E. Sivers | Prosthodontics, implant dentistry
David Zalewski | General Dentistry

David G. Brown | Executive Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
Larry D. Crouch | Biochemistry, physiology
John H. Casey | General Pathology
David G. Dunning | Practice management
John K. Dyer | Microbiology
Dennis E. Feely | Histology
Peter J. Giannini | Oral pathology
Stanton D. Harn | Anatomy
Dona J. Housh | Physiology
Sung K. Kim | Radiology
Keith R. Johnson | Cellular signaling
Brian M. Lange | Behavioral science, service learning
Nagamani Narayana | Oral pathology
Ali Nawshad | Cellular signaling
Gregory G. Oakley | DNA damage and repair
Aimin Peng | Cell cycle regulation
Thomas M. Petro | Immunology
David H. Shaw | Pharmacology, therapeutics
James K. Wahl | Cellular signaling

Surgical Specialties

Growth and Development

Endodontics, oral surgery, periodontics, implant dentistry
J. Bruce Bavitz, Department Chair
Orthodontics, dentofacial orthopedics, pediatric dentistry, general practice residency
Jillian Wallen, Department Chair

J. Bruce Bavitz | Oral surgery, implant dentistry
Matthew R. Byarlay | Periodontics, implant dentistry
Darrell J. Ebke | Oral surgery
Ellen Hahn | Endodontics
Jennifer A. Harn | Co-Director Undergraduate Periodontic Clinic
Wayne B. Kaldahl | Periodontics
Amy C. Killeen | Periodontics
Hany M. Makkawy | Endodontics
Jeffrey B. Payne | Periodontics
Richard A. Reinhardt | Periodontics
G. Lane Stephenson | Endodontics
Gerald J. Tussing | Periodontics
Merlyn Vogt | Endodontics

Timothy M. Durham | Assistant Dean for Patient Services, Quality Officer
Zachary L. Houser | Pediatric dentistry, Postgraduate Program Director
Sundaralingam Premaraj | Orthodontics
Thyagaseely (Sheela) Premaraj | Orthodontics
Jillian Wallen | Department Chair, Pediatric Dentistry

Dental Hygiene

Gwen Hlava, Department Chair

Nicole M. Baker | Clinical Instructor, Gering, NE
Caren M. Barnes | Coordinator of Clinical Research
Darlene F. Carritt | Senior Clinical Technique
Amanda M. Dolen | Junior & Senior Clinic
Heather M. Hessheimer | Junior Clinic Coordinator
Gwen L. Hlava | Department Chair
Todd N. Junge | Junior & Senior Clinic
Lisa J. Moravec | Program Coordinator, Gering, NE
Lindsay K. Mundil | Medical Emergencies, Junior & Senior Clinic
Lee Saenz | Junior & Senior Clinic
Brenda D. Utecht | Dental Anatomy, Community Dental Health

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Faculty, alphabetical, by last name

A - C
Ameku, Yoshiharu
Attanasio, Ronald
Baker, Nicole
Barnes, Caren
Bavitz, J. Bruce
Beatty, Mark
Brown, David
Byarlay, Matthew
Byrne, Gerard
Carritt, Darlene
Casey, John
Crouch, Larry
D - G
Dolen, Amanda M.
Dunning, David
Durham, Timothy M.
Dyer, John
Ebke, Darrell Feely, Dennis
Froeschle, Mary Lynn
Giannini, Peter
Guthmiller, Janet
H - M

Hahn, Ellen
Hansen, Paul
Harn, Jennifer
Harn, Stanton
Hessheimer, Heather
Hlava, Gwen
Housh, Dona
Houser, Zach

Jenkins, James
Johnson, Keith
Johnson, William
Junge, Todd

Kaldahl, Wayne
Kallio, Jennifer
Killeen, Amy
Kim, Sung

Lange, Brian

Makkawy, Hany
Marshall, Julie
Moravec, Lisa
Mundil, Lindsay
N - R
Narayana, Nagamani
Nawshad, Ali
Oakley, Gregory Payne, Jeffrey
Peng, Aimin
Petro, Thomas
Phan-Rinne, Myhanh
Premaraj, Sundaralingam
Premaraj, Thyagaseely (Sheela)
Pudwill, Myron
Reinhardt, John
Reinhardt, Richard
S - Z
Saenz, Lee
Shaw, David

Sigler, Ernest
Sivers, Joan
St. Germain, Henry
Stephenson, G. Lane
Tussing, Gerald

Utecht, Brenda

Vogt, Merlyn

Wahl, James
Wallen, Jillian

Zalewski, David

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