University of Nebraska Medical Center

Fieldwork Placements

Genetic Counselors collaborating

In the fall semester, students will observe genetic counselors before actively participating in fieldwork placements in the spring. The spring placements are typically over 7-8 weeks with the goal to obtain several participatory cases. Over the summer between the first and second year, students will have a 6-week summer placement, 24 hours a week. The program can accommodate all students over the summer, but we also allow off-site fieldwork placements during this summer. During their second year of training, students will send have four, 8-week fieldwork placements in direct (or non-direct) patient care for 16 hours each week. As students gain confidence and proficiency in their skills, we encourage fieldwork supervisors to provide more opportunities for independent work.

Students will rotate in a variety of settings including prenatal, pediatric, cancer, and adult clinics. These clinics may include several service delivery models such as in person, telehealth, or telephone counseling. Fieldwork experiences within specialty clinics may include Craniofacial, Metabolic, Huntington, or Cardiovascular Genetics, to name a few. Additionally, all students have the unique opportunity to rotate with one of our community partners, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Nebraska, who also engages with genetic counselors at Concert Genetics. These fieldwork placements will provide exposure and experience in the core practice areas plus some individualized opportunities. Students are surveyed about their preferences related to fieldwork prior to the first spring placement and again in the second year, to consider evolving student preferences over time. Students who meet the main requirements may consider advanced rotations including work with industry, supplemental placements, or patient advocacy groups.

Affiliated Fieldwork Placement Sites

  • Nebraska Medical Center
  • Munroe Meyer Institute
  • UNMC Clinical Simulation Lab
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Boys Town National Research Hospital
  • Bryan Medical Center
  • Cancer Partners of Nebraska
  • Children's Nebraska
  • Children's Mercy Kansas City
  • DNAXPRT Consulting LLC-Cancer
  • Invitae, Corporation
  • Methodist Health System
  • Nebraska Hematology-Oncology
  • Quest Diagnostics
  • Previous summer placement sites include Anderson Cancer Institute at Memorial University, Avera Health, and Midwest Perinatal Associates