University of Nebraska Medical Center

Mission and Goals

UNMC Doctor of Nutrition and Dietetics Program Mission

The mission of the DND program is to prepare advanced nutrition and dietetics practitioners who will create a healthy future for individuals, communities and populations through expert-level knowledge and skills, critical inquiry proficiency, and innovation in scholarly activity.


  1. Graduates will demonstrate competencies in advanced clinical nutrition and nutrition science, leadership, advocacy, education in higher learning institutions and scholarly activity associated with the advanced practice of nutrition and dietetics.
  2. Graduates will demonstrate the skills needed for innovative practice and advancement of the discipline through critical inquiry and scholarly activity.


Objectives for Goal 1:
1.1. At least 90% of students complete the program within the required time of seven years.

Objectives for Goal 2:
2.1. At least 90% of students formally disseminate their research findings through peer-reviewed publications or regional/national presentations.
2.2 At least 80% of students identify a specific topic to improve the care of patients/communities to advance the profession of nutrition and dietetics in a specific practice setting.

Program Specific Objective:
3.1 At least 50% of program graduates assume leadership roles or responsibilities in clinical nutrition, education, or research within one year of graduation.