University of Nebraska Medical Center

Global Health Opportunities Program in Physical Therapy

The Global Health Opportunities Program (GHOP) in Physical Therapy is an umbrella for different international trainees from physical therapy students to physical therapy practitioners.

Summer Program (Short-term): SEED
The Summer Experiential Education in Physical Therapy (SEED) offers international students an opportunity to develop a global perspective on rehabilitation and to learn about physical therapy in U.S. Details for the current year.
Visiting Scholar Program (Short-term)
The visiting scholar program in physical therapy provides a tailored learning opportunity for practicing international physical therapists or educators. The duration of the program varies depending on the scholar. Please contact the GHOP director for more details.
Master in Rehabilitation Sciences (1-2 years): In-development
This will be a professional “Online” master's program for internationally trained physical therapists or recent graduates with a bachelor’s degree in physical therapy or equivalent. It is a 30-credit hour graduate program focusing on clinical reasoning, evidence-based practice, and professionalism. Optional on-site practicum will be available. Please contact GHOP director for more details.
Doctor of Physical Therapy (3 years): GHOP DPT Admission Track
The GHOP Doctor of Physical Therapy Admissions Track is for internationally trained students who have earned a bachelor’s degree in physical therapy or rehabilitation related programs. It consists of a minimum 3-year course of study. Prospective applicants to this program are expected to secure funding for the cost of the program (3 years’ tuition & fees, books, room, and board, etc.) before beginning. Competitive non-resident tuition scholarships are available for qualified applicants.
Dual degree program - Doctor of Physical Therapy and PhD (6 years +)
This is a special program under an agreement between UNMC and other international institutions. It offers both professional doctor (DPT) and clinical research oriented doctor (PhD). Currently, UNMC is partnering with Chang Gung University, Taiwan, to offer this dual degree program. Please contact the GHOP director to discuss an institutional agreement for this program.
GHOP celebrated its 10 years of establishment in 2022 with this interactive 10-year report. It provides a variety of programs to educate a global Physical Therapy workforce.