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Frequently Asked Questions

The following questions, with answers, represent some of the most frequently asked questions about the Imaging Degree Advancement Option.

What is the purpose of the DAO?
The DAO is a program which provides technologists an opportunity to further their education to the bachelor level, specifically a BS in Medical Imaging and Therapeutic Sciences. This is the same degree awarded to the students enrolled in the traditional UNMC MITS Department programs. We recognize that it is difficult, and most of the time impossible, for working technologists to attend on-campus undergraduate programs.
Who is eligible?

Technologists who have

  1. graduated from an accredited RT, RTT, DMS or NMT Program (or other approved professional program)
  2. are registered by the ARRT/ARDMS/NMTCB
  3. have completed a minimum of 40 specific college prerequisite courses
How does it work?
Accepted applicants are enrolled through the College of Allied Health Professions Enrollment Management and Student Affairs at the University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC). When the assigned work is completed, students earn the Bachelor of Science in Medical Imaging and Therapeutic Sciences. Continuing education credit can be awarded upon completion of the program.
What is the length of the program?
The program is intended to be completed on a part-time basis while the technologist continues to work in their profession. Students are allowed up to five (5) years from enrollment to complete their Individual Plan of Study, however the program can be completed in one year. Extensions for completing the program will not be granted.
Is there an application deadline?

Online applications are accepted year-round for enrollment in the Fall (late August), Spring (early January), and Summer (early May) semesters. The fall and spring semesters are 16 weeks long and the summer semester is 14 weeks long. Completed application packets and official college transcripts must be received before the published deadline dates. Application dates may vary, so please go to the How to Apply web page for specific dates.

Diplomas will be issued three times each year - May, August, and December - dependent upon the student's completion of all requirements by the deadline dates set by the Program.

What costs are involved?
Please visit the Tuition and Fees page.
Must I pay the entire amount at one time?
No. You will pay as you register for classes and order course materials each semester.
Do I have to enroll in classes every semester?
No, you do not have to enroll in classes every semester, just keep in mind that not all the courses are available each semester and you must complete your Individual Program of Study within five years of enrollment in your first class.
I am not currently working in the medical imaging and therapeutic science profession. Am I eligible?
Yes, however, course availability may be limited.
When I complete the program, what will happen?
You will receive information on applying for your degree. You may attend graduation (May or December) or you may request to have the diploma mailed to you by UNMC. You may obtain your UNMC transcripts.
Can I earn continuing education credit?
Yes, you may list the courses you have completed in the BSMITS Degree Advancement Option within your ARRT registration biennium for registration renewal with the ARRT. DAO courses awarded continuing education credit (AMA category 1) by the Center for Continuing Education qualify as ARRT category B credit. Upon completion of the BS degree and receipt of an official UNMC transcript, course activity meets the definition of an Approved Academic Course and qualifies as ARRT category A credit. Your biennium period should be considered when determining whether or not to submit coursework for category A or B, as you must have the appropriate documentation of the activity.
What is the curriculum of the DAO?
Please visit the Curriculum web page.
How will I be awarded the 120 credit hours required for a diploma from UNMC?
You will receive transfer credit from UNMC for the 40-45 semester hours of required prerequisites and a maximum of 60 semester hours of credit for your professional certification (proof of accredited program completion and ARRT, ARDMS or NMTCB registration required). You will also earn a minimum of 20-25 semester hours of college credit while enrolled in the BSMITS Degree Advancement Option. Your official college transcripts will be reviewed for eligible prerequisites and electives for transfer toward the degree. If you need additional coursework, your faculty advisor will recommend possible upper-level electives from an accredited college or university. There are several courses appropriate for your course of study available through distance learning technology in Nebraska and elsewhere in the United States. Upon completion of the DAO, you must apply for graduation.
Is the BSMITS Program accredited?
The DAO is an integral part of the University of Nebraska Medical Center College of Allied Health Professions, which is accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges, and Colleges. The BSMITS option is considered a degree completion program and does not include a professional clinical education component; therefore, it is not under the purview of the Joint Review Commission on Education in Radiologic Technology (JRCERT).