Radiation Safety Training

Training Requirements

The State of Nebraska regulations and conditions of the UNMC radioactive material license dictate training requirements to work with ionizing radiation sources. The extent of training will vary upon the type and frequency of radiation used. For most workers initial and annual refresher training are required or provided. The categories of workers requiring some type of radiation safety training include the following: 

Worker Category Type of Training
Authorized Users (AU): Researchers who have been granted a UNMC radioactive material license by the Radiation Safety Committee to work with radioactive material
  1. Initial Training: Must complete Initial Radiation Worker training (online training module & classroom session) – arrange with Radiation Safety as needed.
  2. Annual Training: Annual radiation worker training – provided by Radiation Safety (typically online training)
Radiation Workers: Individuals working under an Authorized User that are authorized to use radioactive material under the AU’s license. Same as Authorized User training
Irradiator Operators: Individuals authorized to use an irradiator
  1. Initial Training: Must complete Initial Irradiator Operator training specific for the irradiator (contact irradiator AU for training)
  2. Annual Training: Annual Irradiator Operator training provided by Radiation Safety (training specific to each irradiator)
X-Ray Diffraction Operators: Individuals authorized to operate x-ray diffraction units.
  1. Initial Training: Must document 20 hours of appropriate training with X-ray diffraction researcher
  2. Annual Training: Annual X-ray Diffraction Operator training provided by Radiation Safety
Ancillary Personnel: Workers who may be required to enter rooms/areas where radioactive material/radiation is used, which may include the following groups: Environmental Services, Security, Maintenance, Comparative Medicine, and Laboratory Assistants.
  1. Initial Training: Maintenance (online), Security and Environmental Services provided initial radiation safety training packets to each department
  2. Annual Training: Annual radiation safety classroom training provided to the following departments: Security, Environment Services, Comparative Medicine, and Laboratory Assistants