Chemical Inventories

In order to respond safely to laboratory emergencies, the Omaha Fire/HAZMAT Department has requested chemical inventories to include chemical name, CAS number, location and quantity, for each laboratory room at UNMC/Nebraska Medicine.

With the support of Dr. Jennifer Larsen, Vice Chancellor for Research, EHS has committed to managing an online central database for all laboratory chemical inventories. Laboratories are required to update their chemical inventories and laboratory signs on an annual basis.  Chemical Inventory Instructions are available to assist individuals with completing inventory requirements.

It is required that each Principal Investigator provide their chemical inventory, formatted in accordance with the Chemical Inventory Template. Each of the red columns on this spreadsheet must be completed in order for EHS to import the information into the centralized database.  These include:

Once completed please send the electronic inventory to EHS at EHS staff will then import your inventory into the database.

Please direct all questions regarding chemical inventories to EHS.