Construction Forms

Specification Section 00400 Forms are available below for your convenience to download and use for UNMC Projects.   Modification of these forms is prohibited.
Complience Work Permits Link
Bid Bond
Submit one copy
AIA Document A310
Certificate as to Contributions Status, State of Nebraska Department of Labor
Submit one copy – Form provided by the Department of Labor
Affirmative Action Clause PDF  
Executive Memorandum No. 21 – Equal Opportunity in Procurement and Contracts PDF  
University of Nebraska Equal Opportunity Clause and Certification of Non-Segregated Facilities
Submit one original
Certificate of Non-asbestos Use
Completion by Contractor, submit 1 copy
Contractors Qualification Statement
Submit 2 copies if requested
AIA Document A305
University of Nebraska Standard Form Construction Agreement
Furnished and Prepared by Owner
University of Nebraska Standard Form Agreement Between Owner and Construction Manager Furnished and Prepared by Owner Link   
General Conditions of the Contract for Construction Link  
University of Nebraska Owner's Protective Bond
Submit one copy with each Construction Agreement Contract
Preparation Instructions for Contractor, Architect and/or Engineer Certificate of Insurance Link  
Application for Payment
Submit three (3) copies
AIA Document G702 & G703
Certificate of Substantial Completion PDF  
Contractor Affidavit of Payment of Debts & Claims
Submit one copy
AIA Document G706
Contractor Affidavit of Release of Liens AIA Document G706A
Nebraska Resale or Exempt Sale Certificate PDF  
Purchasing Agent Appointment PDF  
Consent of Surety Company to Final Payment
Submit one copy
AIA Document G707
Consent of Surety Company to Reduction in or Partial Release of  RetainageSubmit one copy AIA Document G707A
Change Order PDF  
Architect's Supplemental Instructions AIA Document G710
Construction Change Directive AIA Document G714
Request for Information AIA Document G716
Proposal Request PDF Word 
Shop Drawing Transmittal with A/E Action
Submit one form w/each equipment, material and/or sample transmittal
Air Balancing Report
Submit two (2) copies
PDF Word
On-Site Tab of Stored Materials
Submit one copy w/each application for payment request as required
Off Site Stored Materials - SUPPLEMENTAL AGREEMENT
Submit one original as required
Interim Life Safety Measures Monitoring Report
Submit two (2) copies each week
PDF Word
Other Forms Available:

NOTES:  Copyright law prohibits reproduction of AIA Forms.  Please contact the University of Nebraska Medical Center, Facilities Management and Planning regarding any form listed above.  

AIA Forms are available for purchase from: 

AIA Nebraska
102 Architecture Hall
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
P.O. Box 80045
Lincoln, Nebraska 68501-0045
(402) 472-1456, Fax: (402) 472-1654
Email: or
AIA Website: Link