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UNMC and UNO Re-Imagining U


Your 2022 Vision for Professional Development begins here with Re-Imagining U, the Employee Learning and Development Program for UNMC and UNO employees. 

Re-Imagining U is a collaborative employee training and development program managed   by the Human Resources offices at both UNMC and UNO. Program participants have the e opportunity to customize their learning and skill development in a way that is right for them. Re-Imagining U courses are offered repetitively over two semesters each year. Content is derived from needs indicated for employees and leaders in our current strategic vision and employee engagement surveys. Courses are either individual (meet once for 1-2 hours) or cohort format for deeper learning (4 meetings over four months for 1.5-2 hours each).

In addition to regularly appearing content, Re-Imagining U also features one-time speakers and topics.  These include deeper discussions, trending leadership topics, and equity, diversity and inclusion learning. Based on results from the 2019 Employee Engagement Survey, this year's RIU courses are tailored to focus on the themes of RESPECT: recognition, exciting work, security, pay, education and career, conditions at work, and truth. Additionally presentations emphasizing the subcategories employee engagement, performance confidence, and diversity and inclusion will also be offered.

Fall 2022 courses are virtual.  Please access the Bridge Learning Management System to register.

Check out some of the new courses for Fall 2022

Re-Imagining U Course Catalog  

Re-Imagining U has courses to meet the needs of every employee regardless of where they are in their development journey. They are offered in different levels to help you easily identify the right courses for you. All UNO employees are welcome to register for the classes offered at UNMC campus and all UNMC employees may register for the classes held on the UNO campus. Travel would need to be accounted for when discussing with your leader the amount of time needed to attend the sessions. 

The course catalog can be found in the Learning Library on the Bridge registration platform. Registrations may be limited for some courses, but the majority of courses are open enrollment.  Cohort courses do require attendance at all classes where all other classes are a one-time only meeting.

Courses in the catalog do not list room locations, we are currently a virtual program. In the new registration system, you will receive a registration confirmation in Outlook. You will also find the Zoom information housed in the registration details in the Bridge Learning Library.  Currently courses are online only.  Registrants will receive a Zoom link to view the course accompanied by two reminders.

Reviewing your development goals and plans with your leader is always a great idea.  At a minimum, in order to ensure adequate coverage of business needs, be sure your manager approves your attendance prior to registering.

Bridge Learning Library

How to Register for Courses  

UNMC  and UNO Employees:
Log in to Bridge from the Learning Library, view Re-Imagining U for course selection. 

Any departments wanting to have a presentation on Re-Imagining U and how to use it in your development, please call:

Linda M. Cunningham, MPA
Associate Director, Human Resources
UNMC Employee Relations, Benefits, Organizational Development, Diversity & Child Development Center
UNO Employee Relations, Benefits & Organizational Development 

Giovanni Jones, MEd
Employee Training & Development Specialist


Who do I contact if I have questions or need accommodations to participate?  

The University of Nebraska does not discriminate based on race, color, ethnicity, national origin, sex, pregnancy, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, disability, age, genetic information, veteran status, marital status, and/or political affiliation in its programs, activities, or employment.


Human Resources

Linda M. Cunningham,MPA
Associate Director, Human Resources
UNMC Employee Relations, Benefits, Organizational Development, Diversity & Child Development Center

UNO Employee Relations, Benefits & Organizational Development 

Giovanni Jones,MEd
Employee Training & Development Specialist


Human Resources

Laura Wakefield, PHR, SHRM-CP
Manager of Employee Relations, Development, & Recruiting
Phone: (402) 554-4481


UNMC Employees Parking at UNO: Most courses at UNO are in the Barbara Weitz Community Engagement Center and typically we have spots reserved in Lots D & E right in front of the CEC for parking.  Sometimes, large events prohibit parking there.  When that is the case, the attendant will let you know and point you to where your parking options are. Just let the attendant know you are attending a Re-Imagining U course.  

If the course is at Milo Bail Student Center, please refer to the map below, you may park in the UNO lots marked Y or Z on the north side of Dodge Street. Please ensure that you display your UNMC parking permit.  Courses held in Milo Bail Student Center do not have access to the Community Engagement Center Parking lots D & E.  Afternoons in the East Parking Garage are typically open parking as well.  For any specific parking questions, please reach out to 

UNO Parking Map

UNO Employees: If you are attending a session at the UNMC campus, please print the attached parking permit and display in your window.  You can park in any designated student lots.  Typically the most accessible lot is the student lot east of the College of Public Health and the Student Life Center.  If you have questions please call parking at 402-559-8580. Please see UNMC parking map below.

UNMC Parking Map

UNMC Parking Pass for UNO Employees


Other Development Links  

The Office of Training and Development uses the UNMC & UNO Employee Engagement Survey  to tailor training and development content for these courses.

To find out more information about the different assessments featured in some of our training courses, please contact your campus representative.



Q: Is sign-up required to attend a course?

A. Yes.

Q: Do I have to have approval from my manager to attend courses?

A: Yes. Please ensure that you speak with your manager prior to signing up for a course to ensure office coverage needs are met. 

Q: How do I cancel a course I am no longer able to attend?

A: Log back into the registration system and cancel the course in your learning library.

Q: Is there a cost to attend training?

A: Most training opportunities are free for UNMC and UNO employees. If there is a cost associated to a training course, it will be noted in the course description.  

Q: If I am a UNMC/UNO employee, can I attend a training on the UNO/UNMC campus?

A: Yes. All employees are welcome to attend any of the classes offered at either campus with a few exceptions. If you are interested in a course, please check the "intended for" column in the course catalog. Here is where it will show if a course is targeted towards a specific campus.

Q: I want my whole department to go through the course together, is that an option? 

A: Please contact Giovanni Jones.  We do have some content that can be shared that way and others that would require hiring one of our facilitators just like we do when we hold the course.  We are happy to discuss options with you.


Q: Are Re-Imagining U classes open to students and the public? 

A: Re-Imagining U is a professional development benefit offered to UNMC and UNO staff and faculty.  These courses are not part of our student offerings.  We commonly get requests for students, external partners, residents and Nebraska Medicine employees.  Call Giovanni to get them the course details and find out about availability.  For individuals interested in enrolling in student courses at one of these universities, additional information is available at: