Multidisciplinary Clinics

What is a multidisciplinary clinic?

When individuals have complex medical needs, they often require the assessment skills of a variety of professionals. A multidisciplinary clinic allows the individual to stay in one place and have multiple providers see them at that time. The department of Speech-Language Pathology collaborates with multiple teams to provide multidisciplinary assessments so that several assessments may be completed in a short period of time. This allows for interaction between the providers, development of a comprehensive plan of care and increased convenience to patients and families.

What multidisciplinary clinics are offered?

Muscular Dystrophy Care Center  

Speech-language pathologists work alongside neurologists specializing in neuromuscular disorders, physical therapists, occupational therapists, nutritional therapists and social workers to provide early diagnosis and comprehensive care to ensure the best possible outcomes.

Autism Diagnostic Clinic  

Speech-language pathologists work alongside professionals in the Center for Autism Spectrum Disorders is to provide a multi-disciplinary evaluation to determine if a child meets the diagnostic criteria for autism spectrum disorder and other related disorders. In addition, they help develop appropriate recommendations and provide referrals to address concerns.

ALS Clinic  

Nebraska Medicine provides a multidisciplinary program to manage symptoms, maintain independence, review individual needs, provide the best care possible and provide the best quality of life. The team includes a neurologist, physical therapist, occupational therapist, speech-language pathologist, nutrition therapist, social worker, respiratory therapist and nurse case managers.

Parkinson’s Clinic  

Nebraska Medicine provides a comprehensive multidisciplinary program for Parkinson's disease.  All patients not only see a movement disorders neurology specialist, but also receive an evaluation and management plan from a team of providers and therapists that includes occupational therapists, physical therapists, speech-language pathologists, nutrition therapists, social workers and nurse case managers.

Concussion Management Clinic  

Concussion management relies on the management of the physical, cognitive and behavioral components of the injury. The team includes a physical therapist, occupational therapist, speech-language pathologist and academic liaison to manage each of these components. Patients will receive comprehensive care for their injury including assessment, management of post-concussive symptoms and modifications to assist with return to play, return to learn and/or return to work.