Sharing our Findings: Project Dissemination

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Venema DM, Skinner AM, Nailon R, et al. Patient and system factors associated with unassisted and injurious falls in hospitals: an observational study. BMC Geriatr. 2019;19(1):348. doi:10.1186/s12877-019-1368-8. Article

Jones KJ, Crowe J, Allen JA, et al. The impact of post-fall huddles on repeat fall rates and perceptions of safety culture: a quasi-experimental evaluation of a patient safety demonstration project. BMC Health Serv Res. 2019;19(1):650. doi:10.1186/s12913-019-4453-y Article

Jones KJ, Skinner A, Venema D, et al. Evaluating the use of multiteam systems to manage the complexity of inpatient falls in rural hospitals. Health Serv Res. 2019; 00:1‐13. Abstract

Reiter-Palmon R, Kennel V, Allen JA, Jones KJ, Skinner AM. Naturalistic decision making in after-action review meetings: The implementation of and learning from post-fall huddles. J Occup Organ Psychol. 2015 Jun;88(2):322-340.doi: 10.1111/joop.12084. Abstract

Jones KJ, Venema DM, Nailon R, Skinner AM, High R, Kennel V. Shifting the paradigm: An assessment of the quality of fall risk reduction in Nebraska hospitals. J of Rural Health. 2015 Spring;31(2):135-145. DOI: 10.1111/jrh.12088. Abstract

2017 Presentations  

October 27, 2017 Shanghai Sunshine Rehabilitation Center
Reducing the Risk of Falls and Fall-Related Injury in the Hospital Setting

August 18, 2017 Heartland Health Alliance QI Task Force
Applying Systems Thinking to Fall Risk Reduction

August 15, 2017, COMPASS Hospital Improvement Innovation Network CAPTURE Falls Part 3
Moving Beyond Direct Patient Care: An Expanded Role for Physical Therapy in Inpatient Fall Risk Reduction

July 18, 2017 COMPASS Hospital Improvement Innovation Network CAPTURE Falls Part 2
Know Falls An Online Organizational Tool for Fall Risk Reduction

June 20, 2017, COMPASS Hospital Improvement Innovation Network CAPTURE Falls Part 1
CAPTURE Falls Part 1: A systems approach to a complex patient safety problem

May 18, 2017, CIMRO Quality Forum
Managing the Complexity of Patient Safety Problems using Multiteam Systems

April 28, 2017, Heartland Health Alliance QI Task Force
Managing Change and Culture to Improve Safety

February 17, 2017,  Heartland Health Alliance QI Task Force
A “Right” of Fall Risk Reduction: Choosing an Assessment

2016 Presentations  

December 2, 2016,  Heartland Health Alliance QI Task Force
CAPTURE Falls: The Eight “Rights” of Fall Risk Reduction

October 27, 2016, Nebraska Critical Access Hospitals Conference on Quality
Moving Beyond Direct Patient care: An Expanded Role for Physical Therapy in Inpatient Fall Risk Reduction

October 20, 2016, Iowa Hospital Association Annual Meeting
Coordination within Multiteam Systems Makes Healthcare Safer

June 28, 2016, Center on Health Services and Research Summer Institute
Association Between Safe Transfer/Mobility Techniques and Fall-Related Injury in the Acute Care Setting: Implications for Physical Therapists

June 10, 2016, American Physical Therapy Association NEXT Conference
Teaming Up for Inpatient Fall Risk Reduction

2014 Presentations  

November 2014, Critical Access Hospital Conference on Quality:
Effective Huddles & Debriefs: How to Facilitate Learning at the Frontline 

September 2014, Nebraska Nursing Facility Association/Nebraska Assisted Living Association Fall Convention:
Decreasing Fall Risk: A Team Sport
Gap Analysis
Action Plan

July 2014, Interdisciplinary Network for Group Research Conference
After Action Reviews and Learning: The Use of Post-Fall Huddles in Inpatient Hospital Settings

June 2014, TeamSTEPPS National Conference:
Adapting the T-TPQ:Assessing Teamwork Support for Fall Risk Reduction

June 2014, CIMRO Quality Conference:
Reflections on the CAPTURE Falls Project

2013 Presentations  

November 2013, presentation:
Panel Discussion of Lessons Learned

June 2013, TeamSTEPPS National Conference
Adapting TeamSTEPPS Tools for New Uses: Post-Fall Huddle

May 2013, Nebraska Healthcare Quality Forum:
Conducting Effective Fall Risk Reduction Team Meetings
Case Study: Choosing a Fall Risk Assessment

April 2013, Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology Conference
Team Reflexivity and Patient Falls: Implications for Training