University of Nebraska Medical Center

Action Plan

Flowchart symbolizes and action plan


An action plan allows you to document the steps your team needs to take to reach your program goals.


An action plan can help your team prioritize changes to your fall risk reduction program, specify the desired outcomes, identify barriers to implementation, specify tasks that need to be performed, identify resources available or needed, document who is responsible, and establish deadlines. A formal action plan lends credibility to your work, helps to ensure you don’t overlook details, and creates a structure for accountability.


Select, adapt, or create an action plan document. Ensure your action plan includes, at a minimum, what actions or changes will occur, who will carry out these actions or changes, a timeline for these actions or changes, and what resources are needed. Engage your fall team and any other relevant stakeholders as you create your action plan. Frequently revisit and update your action plan. This is a living document that reflects your current state of work and allows you to track what you have done.


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