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Patient/Family Education

Patient and family education is a cornerstone of health care. Some patients and families may not appreciate how much an acute change in medical status or being in an unfamiliar environment can have on their risk of falling. Education can be delivered in many forms (print, verbal, demonstration) and should involve consistent messaging across staff. Education may need to be adapted to how the patient can most easily receive it (e.g. in the case of cognitive or sensory impairments).

Patient/Family Education Resources

Audio/Visual Resources

Print Resources

  • Patient and Family Perspectives: Fall Risk Reduction from the Perspective of Patients and Families created by the CAPTURE Falls Team provides ideas for how to best engage patients and families in fall risk reduction.
  • Hospital Falls Prevention with Patient Education: A review paper published in 2020 and freely available in BMC Geriatrics summarizes current literature regarding patient falls prevention education. Specific topics include content of education, mode of delivery, the integration of educational principles or evidence-based behavior change models, and the outcomes of the education.

Patient/Family Education Tools