Piero Bianco, PhD


Research Associate Professor

Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences
College of Pharmacy
University of Nebraska Medical Center
986025 Nebraska Medical Center
Omaha, NE 68198-6025


Research Activities/Interests:

My associates and I use a combination of bulk-phase biochemical and single-molecule biophysical approaches to understand the molecular basis of stalled DNA replication fork rescue, an essential process required to maintain genome stability. Our experimental work is concerned with the function and regulation of the complexes that control fork rescue, with studies focused primarily on the role of the single-strand DNA binding protein (SSB) and several recombination enzymes, using Escherichia coli as the model organism.  The modern bulk-phase, biochemical approaches we use include spectroscopic (UV and Visible) and equilibrium binding. The single-molecule studies employ what we call “visual biochemistry”, a technique I pioneered that combines optical tweezers, microfluidics, and high-resolution fluorescence microscopy. To achieve single base-pair resolution, we also use magnetic tweezers, a complementary single-molecule microscopy technique. To observe fork rescue in living cells, we have developed a high-speed super-resolution microscopy technique based on structured illumination. We collaborate with researchers in the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, the Eppley Institute for Cancer Research, and colleagues in Australia, the UK, and China.

To learn about the details of available projects, students and researchers are welcome to visit the Bianco laboratory.

Recent Publications: 

   A. Fork rescue and the single-strand DNA binding protein

  1. Bianco, P. R. (2021) The mechanism of action of the SSB interactome reveals it is the first OB-fold family of genome guardians in prokaryotes. Protein Science, in press.
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 B. Microscope development

  1. Zhao, T., Z. Wang, T. Chen, M. Lei, and P.R. Bianco. (2021) Recent Advances in High-Speed Structured Illumination Microscopy. Frontiers in Physics, 2021. in press.
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C. Book Chapters

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