A major research focus in the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences is innovations in the area of delivery and/or targeting of drugs and genes.  After receiving approval from the University of Nebraska’s Board of Regents in October 2004, the College of Pharmacy established a Center for Drug Delivery and Nanomedicine.  This Center aims to further promote multidisciplinary research in drug delivery and nanomedicine with scientists on this campus, as well as with other universities and industry.   Researchers in the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences have interests in developing new drugs to treat malaria and diseases of the eye and in delivering and/or targeting small and large molecular weight drugs to treat cancer, ophthalmic, lung, bone and cardiovascular diseases.

In addition, several researchers are interested in drug discovery and new applications for existing drugs.  A phase 2 study is in progress in Asia of a new antimalarial compound developed by researchers in the department.  Numerous faculty members have multiple technology disclosures of new drugs, new delivery systems, or new applications.

A more detailed overview of faculty research interested can be found in the faculty profiles.