University of Nebraska Medical Center

PharmD Student Spotlight

Alyssa's Story

Alyssa Borkowski PharmD candidate, class of 2023

A little about me:

I'm originally from Indianola, IA and attended the University of Nebraska- Lincoln for my undergraduate studies, where I majored in biochemistry.  My claim to fame is that I once met Taylor Swift!   

Why did you choose UNMC College of Pharmacy?

I chose UNMC to be close to family, and because many pharmacists that I looked up to went to UNMC. These pharmacists spoke very highly of the school, and you could just tell that they're education set them up to be a very successful pharmacist.

What has been your favorite experience while being a student here?

My favorite experience while being a student was attending the ACCP conference in San Francisco. I got to learn so much more about pharmacy, and explore a new city with my pharmacy besties!

What advice would you give to a student considering attending the UNMC College of Pharmacy?

My best advice is to get involved! There are so many different organizations that you can be involved in, and it will make your time at UNMC very rewarding!