University of Nebraska Medical Center

Clinical Location Placements

The Radiography program uses a multitude of educational delivery methods: web-based, synchronous, asynchronous, face-to-face, and hybrid technologies. Regardless of location, all students enroll in the same program curriculum culminating in a Bachelor of Science Degree in Radiation Science Technology from the University of Nebraska Medical Center.

You have the choice between clinical location placements in Columbus, Kearney, Norfolk and North Platte, or Omaha to complete Radiography’s 21-month program. All clinical location placements offer in-person synchronous, online asynchronous and blended in-person and online didactic education and in-person clinical education. You may rotate between multiple clinical instruction sites across Nebraska with the option to participate in mammography rotations if interested.

Housing Options

For housing options for the Columbus and North Platte locations, please inquire with Radiography Program Director.