University of Nebraska Medical Center

Catrina Filkin

Grants Project Associate, BHECN


Catrina Filkin

Catrina Filkin has worked at UNMC for 18 years. In the first 15 years, she worked on the evening shift in the Security Department, where she was promoted up through the ranks to Sergeant.

Catrina made a career move to join Munroe-Meyer Institute as the education program associate for three years, where her responsibilities included administrative duties, onboarding students, and facilitating events for the Academic Affairs department.

In June of 2020, Catrina joined the BHECN team as a grants project associate, where she helps BHECN achieve its mission of improving access to behavioral health resources across the state of Nebraska.

Catrina has an associates's degree in Criminal Justice, with a specialty in criminal investigations. When life allows, she plans to continue pursuing a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice and psychology with a minor in sociology.