University of Nebraska Medical Center

Lifelong Learning Fund


The BHECN Lifelong Learning Fund provides support for student development opportunities, professional development opportunities, and career engagement activities. Applications for the Lifelong Learning Fund will be accepted three times a year (September, January, and May).

Student and professional development opportunities that qualify for support include conference attendance, trainings, workshops, certificates, test preparation materials and other educational projects and events. 

Student development opportunities budget caps: 

  • Conference - $2,000 
  • Training, Workshop, and/or Certification - $1,000 
  • Test preparation materials - $250 
  • Educational project - $1,000 

Practicing professional development opportunities budget caps:

  • Conference Attendance - $2,000 
  • Training - $1,000 

First-time applicants, students and trainees, applications that impact individuals serving rural and/or underserved communities, and applicants requesting trainings in modalities with a strong evidence base will be prioritized for funding. Applications should focus on a single request for a specified event or activity (e.g., attending one conference, participating in one training). 

BHECN also will consider supporting projects that promote behavioral health careers to Nebraska students. Priority will be given to programs that reach students in rural and/or underserved communities and expose students to a wide range of behavioral health career opportunities.

  • Behavioral Health Careers for Nebraska Student Projects budget cap: $1,500

Apply here.