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With state-of-the-art facilities that put scientists and clinicians in collaborative spaces, the Fred & Pamela Buffett Cancer Center provides an unparalleled opportunity for researchers ready to make an impact on the future of cancer prevention and treatment.

Ours is the only cancer center in Nebraska with the National Cancer Institute (NCI) designation and one of just 72 NCI-designated centers in the country, based on scientific excellence and the capability to integrate diverse research programs focused on cancer.

Our partner in research, the Eppley Institute for Research in Cancer and Allied Diseases, is a multidisciplinary research institute at UNMC that also provides graduate and postgraduate training programs in cancer research.

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Research Programs

Cancer Biology Program

The mission of the Cancer Biology Program is to discover and validate mechanisms of cancer initiation and progression that may lead to novel biomarkers and therapeutic targets, with an emphasis on breast, prostate and ovarian cancers.

Gastrointestinal Cancer Program

The Gastrointestinal Cancer Program aims to understand the pathogenesis and pathophysiology of gastrointestinal cancers, identify and validate new diagnostic and prognostic tools for gastrointestinal cancer management, and develop new therapeutic options for patients with gastrointestinal malignancies.

Targets, Modulators and Delivery Program

The Targets, Modulators and Delivery Program's mission is to develop strategies for the identification and validation of cellular targets for cancer therapy, and for the discovery of small molecules and delivery methods that affect target function.

Nebraska Lymphoma Study Group

The Nebraska Lymphoma Study Group is a groundbreaking collaboration among community oncologists, pathologists and researchers within the UNMC Department of Pathology, Microbiology, and Immunology.

Clinical Trials

Having patients willing to participate in clinical trials is vital to discovering new cancer treatments. As a participant, you may or may not benefit directly from your involvement, but your contribution may help us understand how to help cancer patients in the future.

The integrated Cancer Repository for Cancer Research

The iCaRe2 is a multi-institutional resource created and maintained by the cancer center to collect and manage standardized, multi-dimensional, longitudinal data and biospecimens on consented adult cancer patients, high-risk individuals, and normal controls.

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Shared Resources

The Fred & Pamela Buffett Cancer Center is home to state-of-the-art facilities and provides support to shared resources at UNMC.

Exterior of a building with a sign reading Suzanne and Walter Scott Cancer Research Tower