University of Nebraska Medical Center

Community Advisory Board

The Community Advisory Board meets quarterly to advise on current and future directions of cancer center research, dissemination of evidence from ongoing research activities, and policy recommendations.

Specifically, the Community Advisory Board sets out to:

  1. Make recommendations that will enhance cancer center research in Nebraska.
  2. Identify, recommend and assist in implementing initiatives that address barriers experienced by patients, referring physicians, and other referral services (with a focus on addressing the needs of underserved communities and diverse populations across Nebraska)
  3. Foster access to the services that will reduce cancer disparities through improved communication among community members and physicians, as well as clinicians, administrators, and researchers
  4. Foster high-quality research that informs state cancer policies.

The board reflects diverse populations and communities from across the catchment area, including Native American/Indian tribes, African Americans, Hispanics/Latinos, as well as urban and rural communities. The board is also represented by the state cancer consortium, state health department, cancer advocacy groups and health care providers.

Board Members

Vira Brooks

Survivor; My Sister's Keeper

Mehmet Copur

Medical Director of Oncology

Teri Dameron

Tribal Community Consultant

Kylie Dockter

Executive Director, Team Jack Foundation

Eric Ewing

Executive Director, Great Plains Black History Museum

Andy Link

Associate Director, Cancer Center Partnerships; ACS

Bev Luma

Project Manager, Community Advocate

Gary Peters

Pediatric Cancer Survivor Caregiver

Rhiannon Pitzl

Chief Operating Officer, Ponca Health Services

Donna Polk

Chief Executive Director, Nebraska Urban Indian Health Coalition

Tamara Robinson

Program Director, NC2

Jolene Rohde

Comprehensive Cancer Control Program Manager, DHHS

Laura Schabloske

Executive Director, NC2

Lisa Spellman

NE-HEALING Tribal Community Liaison

Tony Vargas

Senator, Nebraska Legislature, District 7

Dino Verrelli

Chief Executive Officer and Founder, Purple Project

Mona Zuffante

Winnebago Chief Public Health Officer