University of Nebraska Medical Center

Biological Irradiation Core

The Biological Irradiation Core consists of two facilities. One is dedicated to tissue samples and the other for small animals. Each room contains one RS-2000 irradiator supplied by RAD Source. The Biological Irradiator Core was created by a Nebraska Research Initiative grant.

Cell Irradiation

The cell irradiator is located in BCC 5.12.369, Room 369 on the fifth floor of the Fred and Pamela Buffett Cancer Center. In addition to the irradiator, the cell irradiation room contains two C02 incubators, a biosafety cabinet, a table top centrifuge and a small refrigerator that can be used by researchers.

Animal Irradiation

The animal irradiator is located in the animal care facility in Durham Research Center II. Rodents from DRC I and II may be irradiated in this machine. Animals from Transgenic areas must be housed in an alternate area following irradiation. Please contact a CM Facility Manager to assist with housing needs.


Fees are as low as possible and are needed to generate dollars for the annual purchase of state licenses and calibration. Currently $10 is charged per scheduled use. Fees are evaluated and adjusted quarterly based on actual usage and costs.

How do I gain access to the Core?

All training requirements for access to the animal facilities must be completed prior to gaining access to the animal irradiator. Please visit the Comparative Medicine website for additional information.

Animal irradiation procedures must be included on a protocol of the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee. Please visit the IACUC website for information and instructions. Log-in required.

To become authorized to operate the RS-2000 Irradiator the following steps must be completed:

  1. Contact the Radiation Safety Office (9-6356) to get enrolled in the Operator Training for RS-2000 Irradiator module (Irradiator Training) on the Canvas online training system. (Note: Annual training is required for continued operation of these irradiators).
  2. After completion of the online training module, contact the Radiation Safety Office to set up a hands-on training session with the RS-2000 Irradiator.
  3. Upon completion of training, your ID will be added to Access Control system to allow you card access into one or both irradiator rooms. In addition, your UNMC ID will be added to the RSS system which is used to schedule irradiator use. (Note: It may take a day or two to complete card and RSS access).
  4. For the Cell Irradiator, complete the Cell Irradiator extra equipment usage form only if incubators or biosafety cabinets are needed for your experiments.

How do I use the irradiators?

  1. Log in to the RSS and schedule time. If you are not on the schedule, your ID will not allow you into the room. You will be charged for time that is not canceled within 24hrs of your scheduled use.
    RSS->Core Facilities->Instrument Schedules->Biological Irradiation Core
  2. Follow the "Start Up" procedure from the operating instructions.
  3. Determine the shelf placement (tissue irradiation only) and the irradiation time from the dosage charts.
  4. Perform your experiment.
  5. Follow the "Shut Down" procedure from the operating instructions.
  6. Remove your supplies and clean up any equipment you have used in the room.
  7. Fill out the log book.