University of Nebraska Medical Center

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Facility

Nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy is a powerful tool for basic research that improves our knowledge at the molecular level.

It also plays an important role in drug discovery, ranging from small molecule characterization and protein structure-based drug design to small molecule library screening, all based on established 1D, 2D, and 3D nuclear magnetic resonance experiments such as heteronuclear single-quantum coherence spectroscopy.

These machines provide essential support to various grants of investigators and enable excellent training to students with an interest in nuclear magnetic resonance. Off-campus users also are encouraged to use our facility. The facility is supported by a CORE grant from the National Cancer Institutes, as well as the Nebraska Research Initiative. Facility operational costs are partially covered via minimal charge-backs to the users.


The Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Facility consists of three spectrometers (400-600 MHz).

User Rates

Minimum time blocks of 15 minutes. Minimum monthly charge unit of one hour.

Instrument Internal Users (University of Nebraska) Outside Academic Users Corporate Users
Avance III 600 CNH cryo $16/hr $40/hr $60/hr
Avance III 500 5mm BB $16/hr $40/hr $60/hr
Avance III 400 MAS $16/hr $40/hr $60/hr